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23 November 2013
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Welcome to a unearthly realm far away from anyone scared wouldn't go. Help evolve them while your here. Then maybe they won't eat you.
Wish list:




Danaus: achieved by @Blu_berry_pies






Chimera: Achieved by @Dream-Within-A-Dream

Gingerlion: achieved by @andreita

Prath : achieved by @andreita

Rie:ultimate dreamie!

/!\ feed all please.

Thank you all that helped me achieve my wishlist creatures!

Also none of my pets are for trade atm. I do have alot of ec and retired items to offer though so ask if your interested in ec.

Creatures (28)


yts • 1 week ago

hellow doesn something interest you for EC from @kamaete?

rashka • 1 week ago

thanks! and i got up 1h30 later then normal! so yes i'm ok and in full brain capacity!

rashka • 1 week ago

lol, i know the feeling! then have a nice day and see you later, i do have some things to do and a charged day! i must get prepared to go now! bye!

rashka • 1 week ago

if you ever have other questions, just ask, i'll help you, the site has changed alot in the last years!

to get ec easily the XC is pretty useful but at the same time, not really working as people were able to get huge bunches of XC like i have over 56k there.

rashka • 1 week ago

i have a friend that have 36k items in her strongroom and she is first in quest leaderboard, it's eschla!

rashka • 1 week ago

do you know about quests?? items are now used to get tokens from quests and get new creatures like the hallowolf in my mlec2's tab!

rashka • 1 week ago

AH!!!! izalav!! yes!

rashka • 1 week ago

always glad to help! if you ever need something else, riht now i'm selling things at half price, trying to gether ec to get some reserved pets someone is keeping me! a dilloton and a (blank) seems it doesn't want to be names! i can't remember this second one! ts pet that is

rashka • 1 week ago

hehe! i could have sold you for a higher price, but i hate to be unfair!

rashkaside2 • 1 week ago

AW!! Yazans are cavies my dear, Trade #917492 this one is immortal so it's 10k!

rashka • 1 week ago

just click on the creature and copy and paste the address in the address bar
just like this

rashka • 1 week ago

hi! would you send me the image of the creature you want? because naazan don't tell me anything!

kittys • 19 Feb 2014, 8:31 AM

Fed the creation of the your profile, please fed my Yeep ``

dragoncrider • 9 Feb 2014, 4:21 PM

can you make the trade lot though?

dragoncrider • 9 Feb 2014, 4:20 PM

giving you heims sorry for the wait i just forgot until i looked at the comments

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