gotta catch them all! not pokemon but . . . chocolate! uwu I do 5:5 or 10:10. PM in the megathread or through mail if you want to send more larger amounts of chocolates. 15 Feb 2019, 7:46 PM

14 November 2018
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Hello there!

Name's nooget or call me puffs. I play other pet sites like chicken smoothie and goatlings. My username on Goatlings is animepuffs.
Also check out @umbreonlover11. They are collecting shrews too.

Most of the immortals on my account were given by @achimenes. She was very kind and gave me a bunch of creatures and items. Lots of thanks to her!

All of my creatures are safe to feed.(unless the tab says otherwise)

All of my creatures are NFT unless said otherwise.]

-Someday I'll make a nice bio out of this- Now it's just ugly lol.

Wishlist: (in progress)
- Rix(2nd stage; right after egg stage)
-Zalaeth(for fantasty)
-Solire(cool fire drago)
-Bunthoff(cute drago-)
--Candit(it's a cute gummy snek)

Low priority(wishlist)
-Tamsi(halloween gang)

Creatures (129)


umbreonlover11 • 25 Jan 2019, 8:44 AM

Hey are you ok?
You haven't been on in a while

foxbit • 13 Jan 2019, 12:54 PM

I recommend you book all your creatures at Tim's Food Shoppe for at least one day so their health bar will reset back to 100% and won't die. 103 creatures x 75 EC fee for one day should be 7,725 EC.

achimenes • 30 Dec 2018, 11:43 PM

Thank you so much! ^-^ And no prob! I hope they are okay!

stevepat2002 • 30 Dec 2018, 8:58 PM

Don’t worry about the stegga. I was gonna send a zaeleth, but I couldn’t find it

stevepat2002 • 30 Dec 2018, 8:54 PM

Oops, mb. Sure .

achimenes • 30 Dec 2018, 8:33 PM

Heya! I forgot about the Manticore being reserved, you wouldn't mind If I swapped ya for a Zalaeth egg, would ya? ^^' I completely understand if you'd like to hold onto it, though! I'll still send the Zalaeth plus a few other things your way!

stevepat2002 • 30 Dec 2018, 2:03 PM

click here for ecode

stevepat2002 • 30 Dec 2018, 1:58 PM

@budgie has a price guide or you could use

stevepat2002 • 30 Dec 2018, 1:58 PM

I have a zealeth from your wishlist. I can send you a link to budgies price guide and ecode guide

umbreonlover11 • 29 Dec 2018, 11:24 PM

They're travels for your shrews ❤

umbreonlover11 • 29 Dec 2018, 9:35 PM

Ok well have fun collecting!

umbreonlover11 • 29 Dec 2018, 9:28 PM

Also hello fellow shrew collector.

babiowl • 18 Dec 2018, 2:51 AM

thank you for the feeds :]

marner • 15 Dec 2018, 3:20 AM

I love cavetown! Some songs are so soothing and really help me when I'm anxious. I love the line "I'm not very strong, but I'll (mess) you up if you're mean to bugs" in Boys will be bugs a lot. I wish they'd come to where I live but the closest they've come was 5 hours away.

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