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hey my real name is Wendy i'm 18

MAKE SURE YOURS ARE EGGS ARE HAPPY FIRST CAUSE THEY CAN DIE THEN ,feed anyone of my pets Thanks You I will likely feed some of yours unless your page says not to.

Or if you don't really wanna right now or never don't.

Also if by chance you want any of my pets that i already have 2 of, ask and i will give you one them by trade or friend auction just let me know.

feel free to add me as a friend and i will accept them, the 1 reason i can think currently of to remove it if you are dishonest with me.

i'm a big fan of owls and dragons so if you have a creature that you think looks like that i will gladly trade it or take it somehow.

any other question or comments ill likely answer when i am online.


here are the links in the archivies

if you don't know already how to mass feed and want to look at this

Creatures (245)


prairie • 12 Jan 2018, 1:04 PM

Would the name "Star-Lord" be UFT?

rockchick6000 • 19 May 2016, 9:28 PM

Fed "feed plz"

degong • 30 Apr 2016, 8:27 PM

Fed your creatures! ~ If you want a Calla I can get you one, as a gift. It's only 100,000 EC.

femme • 17 Mar 2016, 11:53 PM

Yes! That's the reference. You win: me feeding all of your creatures xD