one year and one day on egg cave! :D 5 Jul 2017, 8:30 AM

4 July 2016
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pls feed my friend @beep ! and @eggberts !
and my under construction super new extra secret(psych)side @bunnii tis the season

proud member of MLEC2, literally the nicest group of humans in the real or virtual world started by my fairy novmother @novrain62 an actual real angel #fnm4life
also deepest thanks to @fainne_24 who protected my cove this summer and brought me back to the game and the one and only glittery gift fairy @lilminxy_ for bestowing my cove with a little of her magic thanks also to @rashka for the lovely critters and @clawstra for the absolutely astonishing plethora of beautiful buns(birthday and otherwise)!!!!!!

mostly interested in eggs! i want to hatch everyone in my cove myself i don't mind reviving dead eggs


#45 on the Stargazing Leaderboard in my first ever Halloween Fair! wish i had been able to fair more! so fun!

stopped clicking at 217 gobblers on nov 30th

#8 most chocolates found and #5 most chocolates sent and received in the 2017 chocotravaganza exchange

i've started posting links to some of my favourite tunes on my creatures if u need a real burner check
thorlen rimbaudia and sarene

Creatures (298)


1 day ago

Hi fed MLEC2

1 day ago

Sent you both toys you need

4 days ago

Fed MLEC2.

5 days ago

My slime is on place... also thanks for all the items Im sending you the extra ones back to you

5 days ago

I don't want to think that this is all a joke and the items are fake nooo!

5 days ago

No way you think it is because of these "bugs" they say? you should send a ticket to ask!

5 days ago

It is it is it is Im so happyyyyy thanks so much for the gift I'll keep an eye for your missing items! Hurraaaaaay

5 days ago

No sorry needed Good luck with your new eggs

5 days ago

Hi could you offer with a toy, food or travel instead of a egg? thanks

6 days ago

Hi fed MLEC2

1 week ago

1 week ago

fed MLEC2

1 week ago


2 weeks ago

Good, I'm so glad! AND HAPPY ONE YEAR ON EC!!!

2 weeks ago

hi fed mlec2

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