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March 2019 Lottery: Drawing 1

March 15, 2019 at 3:00 PM

Lottery Winner

Congratulations to @umbregrl and @leomaris and @sylviana, the winners of drawing 1 for March 2019's Cash Shop Creature Lottery! A Bolgfir has been added to each of your accounts.

Buy your tickets for the next drawing now!

Comments: 9

anarchy • 4 days ago

Congrats to the winners!

ryepuff • 4 days ago

Awww well done

iia • 4 days ago

(Claps) congratulations!!!

samaritan • 4 days ago


umbregrl • 4 days ago

Yeah! Thanks!

iris1929578 • 4 days ago


smartie2742 • 4 days ago


sylviana • 3 days ago

Thanks, and congrats to the other winners!

superunloved • 2 days ago

wow congrats to the winner i love Bolgfir