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No Wi-Fi is as bad as having lice. #NoWifiYesLice

15 March 2017
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Falling, Falling, Falling

As I fell apart bit by bit, you just stood there laughing, as I was falling, falling, falling out of reach.

As the darkness rose and the sun fell away, you said it would be painless, bliss, smooth, and soft. Painless, you said. It left a boulder in my chest and a callous on my heart.

Bit by bit, I fell apart and you just stood there laughing.
You stood by not helping but laughing.

You tore me apart with a toss of your head, the smirk on your mouth, the squint of your eyes. Falling falling falling, wondering where to find solid ground and wondering who would catch me.

Safe as someone caught me. Safe as I finally hit solid ground. Someone helped me see the light in the darkness and the brightness through the ocean.



Truce, you said, but the look on your face said otherwise. Maybe never again.
Would we even acknowledge that we were ever friends or maybe even best friends until that needle in the dark. Truce, I cried, truce, truce, truce. you quietly lowered the needle and whispered truce.


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You won my giveaway ~

1 day ago

http://eggcave.com/forums/topic/64850 ~ PLEASE HELP, I will owe my soul to you if you do O.O (I am talking about trades but donations r nice

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4 days ago

I like Hoppy and Bulbasaur

4 days ago

Grassy? Bulbasaur?

4 days ago

For a grasshopper, maybe Hoppy or spike?

6 days ago

Hi firestarofthunderclan

6 days ago

Hi everyone!

1 week ago

Yah happy Easter everyone! Ps it's morning not night.

1 week ago

COOL ur cloudPaw right? :> Happy easter!

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1 week ago

Thank you

2 weeks ago

(Pinging does not work on walls, by the way.) lol, here it is 8:44 at night. See ya!

2 weeks ago

Please go to my unicorn roleplay!

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