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Research Fund for the Ibridi

January 5, 2017 at 3:00 PM      

SAR CENTER - The Science and Research Center is genetically engineering a new creature, the Ibridi. As more EC is donated, more stages will be completed and revealed by the Center, ultimately leading to it being available in the Creature Labs.

Lend a helping hand to the SAR Center to see this creature concept become a reality?


Comments: 15

bingo · 8 months ago


hybrid · 8 months ago

Perfect timing

raccoon · 8 months ago

Exciting!!! Egg looks nice, can't wait to see the stages!

poptarts · 8 months ago

Oh a cat an dog creature.

poptarts · 8 months ago

Hopefully the art is great as November's creatures.

Ian · 8 months ago


valorie100 · 8 months ago

I've been waiting for this moment :')

asbe · 8 months ago

I guess, it's a hybrid. "Ibridi", y'know ^^

prairie · 8 months ago

My first thought on this before I read the description was, "Is it a piggy?" Cause of all the spots and brown.

jello · 8 months ago


animegirlalways · 8 months ago

Cool, looking forward to seeing the other stages.

poptarts · 8 months ago

@jellifysh It'll take an artist about a month or more to even create your suggestion since creating a creature takes time I believe.

moonwolfstar · 8 months ago

wonder what it will be

icymuffin · 8 months ago

Cat + Dog = Velociraptor, obviously.

icymuffin · 8 months ago

I agree, the egg looks well painted~ And it's an interesting idea c: