Degama the Demga

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1 May 2017
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In a land far, far away, there were five kingdoms. Each kingdom was unique to the five different and main animals, (and all other creatures were considered as brutes and not qualified to even exist, these creatures were used as food). Silver the Owl kingdom were the wisest ones although they were stubborn. Pounce the Fox kingdom were quick to interfere and always broke the rules. Lunar the wolf kingdom was prideful and are quick to step in battle. Leap the deer kingdom was by far the gentlest and loyal. And finally, Silence the mouse kingdom was the most vicious they were silent but quick and they were the masters of ambushing and catching the enemy by surprise.

Even though each kingdom could create rules for their own kingdom, (all of these rules were different of course) they all had two very special rules that each kingdom had to follow no matter what. These the first of these rules was to never set paw, hoof, talon, or wing onto the four other kingdoms' territory for if another species did the king or queen of that kingdom could do anything they wanted to do to punish that animal most of these punishments ended in severe torture or death. The second rule however was to never mate with another species the very existence of a hybrid stood against everything the kingdoms stood for, and it was demanded that such hybrids, and their parents, were killed immediately or used as slaves in war.

About Demga Eggs

This egg was only available in the Egg Cave for September 2013.

Demga eggs have a very durable and leathery shell. Research suggests that the shells of these eggs were often used in ancient Ark as material for the production of armor, weaponry, and musical instruments.

About the Demga Creature

A highly curious and intelligent species, Demga are constantly exploring the farthest reaches of the Northern Plains in search of adventure. Some of the more daring members of this species are even bold enough to voluntarily leave their own habitat just to explore new surroundings. One such documented example of this audacious behavior was the discovery of an unattended Demga patrolling the sands of Ark Beach, having made its perilous journey from the Northern Plains completely on its own.

Adventurous nature aside, Demga are surprisingly gentle creatures whom enjoy settling down every now and then to restore stamina before setting out for another journey.