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20 Jan 2014
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Ōkami Amaterasu: "Great God Amaterasu". I know this is an actual Japanese deity (the goddess of the sun and the universe), but this name combined with the species being a Tasma (which is a white wolf with markings) is me trying to reference Ōkami. Amaterasu is the protagonist and is also a white wolf with markings.

I actually used to have a Chimera named "Amaterasu" back in v1... then my constant hiatuses happened. Well, this is a close enough replacement. The actual goddess' full name is "Amaterasu-ōmikami", but that obviously won't fit. "Ōkami Amaterasu" is actually what appears in a text box when you're introduced to her in Ōkami, so... yeah, close enough.

About Tasma Eggs

Tasma eggs seem to exhibit weird tattoos and markings on the outer shell of their eggs.

About the Tasma Creature

Tasma enjoy the forests and mountains of Ark. Wild Tasma like hunting Alkub, Florn, and Foo. However, domesticated Tasma are very friendly creatures that behave much like a dog. Regardless, many creatures in Ark are mistrustful of Tasma.