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27 Jan 2014
12 Feb 2018
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Got from @littleblush by trading my little cutie Spoto. ^^ Thanks~!

About Kampos Eggs

This egg was given out for Creature Release Week in January of 2014.

The texture of Kampos eggs is a peculiar combination of both scaly and spongy. Even if the egg is removed from its aquatic habitat, the shell's unique ability to retain water helps to keep it hydrated for at least a week. Because of the rough and porous nature, it was discovered that discarded Kampos shells can be used as a fantastic household cleaning product.

About the Kampos Creature

Kampos can be found living in large swarms in the oceans around Ark. The spines on an adult Kampos's tail carry a stinging poison that is used in defense against predators. Kampos will only enter Ark bay once a year, for a week, to spawn. During this time Ark City officials will keep people from swimming in the Bay as getting stung by a Kampos can cause an allergic reaction that can potentially be fatal. So despite the rather small size of the Kampos, a Kampos swarm can be deadly.