Graclyn the Tawny

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27 Jan 2014
26 Mar 2016
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I finally have a tawny!
Never ever, ever, ever up for trade!

Creature wishlist:
(There are many more that I want, but these are my top 6)

Full list of items & travels that I'm looking for:

✯Trinket Travels:✯
Aquatic Headdress (Aquolt Stage 3)

✯Full travel list:✯
Ancient Temple Top
Autumnal Equinox
Bright Yellow Sunset
Butterfly Net
Carnivore Jungle
Creature Ornament
Cresting Wave
Cupid Wings
Dark Bamboo Forest*
Dark Magic Falls*
Double Waterfall
Dwarf Star 1000 Space Ship
Fake Desert Oasis
Farmer's Market
Floating Bridge
Giant Cobweb
Golden Savannah
Grand Cathedral
Half Underwater View
Heavenly Light
Laser Dance Party
Leaf Headdress
Massive Geyser
Misty Autumn Waters
Modern Cave Paintings
Moon Amulet
Mushroom Beach
Mystical Wooden Portal
Paris Alive*
Quaint Cafe
Rainbow Lava
Red Rock Mesa
Scenic Balcony
Ship Cabin
Spider Tree Wings
Squash Party
Starry Night Lights
Summer Cottage
Sunken Castle
Undersea Viewing Tunnel
Water Temple
Western Rock Reefs
Winged Mannequin
Witch Stew*
You're My Gift

* counted in collection but I do not own

About Tawny Eggs

This egg was given out for Creature Release Week in January of 2014.

Tawny eggs tend to look smooth at first glance, however, the egg is actually made up of a hard shell with a very silky fur on the outermost layer. Despite their look, the eggs are very sturdy and difficult to break.

About the Tawny Creature

Tawny, unlike other subspecies of red pandas, are very friendly towards people instead of overly cautious. They always run up to Ark citizens in hopes of getting scratched behind the ears. While Tawny are relatively friendly, they're also very independent, making it very difficult to teach a Tawny basic commands such as "sit" or "stay." In addition, they're extremely protective over their eggs, and will get hostile if they feel that their children are in danger. This makes Tawny rather undesirable when considering pets, but they're always a joy to be around if you ever come across a wild one.