Geomantic the Pthali

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29 May 2014
2 Jul 2016
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Geomantic: Of or relating to geomancy, a method of divination which interprets markings on the ground or how handfuls of dirt land when tossed.

Originally named "StarrySight", which is just a made-up name based on the fact that she's a star creature.

Please don't mind my extremely stupid 'definitions' like what used to be written here. I typed out the majority of these a few years ago when I was pretty sick and stuck inside with nothing better to do. Most of them were done fairly quickly with about as much thought as a sick person could put into something... i.e. not much. I'm slowly trying to retype and fix them.

About Pthali Eggs

This egg is very scaly.

About the Pthali Creature

Pthali have strong, durable scales that can resist extreme conditions. For example, their scales cannot burn and cannot freeze. There are significantly less nerve endings in the scales too; pinching a Pthali will stimulate no response. Perhaps this is what has allowed them to survive for so long. Pthali are close friends with Bunthoff and enjoy digging networks of tunnels beneath Ark.