Norfolk the Cayni

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12 Aug 2014
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Norfolk: A county in East Anglia in England.
Cayni evolve into their second stage with 600 feeds, and into their final stage with 1,111 feeds.
Norfolk was the first Cayni to evolve into the second and final stage. Wow, that's a first for me. Proof, I guess, if anyone didn't believe me? -

About Cayni Eggs

As Cayni eggs grow, the fluff around them grows longer and more curly until it becomes a very dense protective layer.

About the Cayni Creature

Cayni are born for show in Ark City with beautiful fur and slender bodies. The curls of the Cayni, however, are very hard to control and it takes a lot of grooming to keep these creatures looking their best. These creatures need a lot of attention but given that, they become loyal friends who are quite playful and extremely intelligent.

The top-performing Cayni can win up to 1,000,000 EC at creature shows.