B777 the Tuswine

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24 Jan 2015
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Gift from @thedarkarcher

dear cho!

im so happy to be back with you ive really missed you! your one amazing friend too me. your kind, postive and the most generous person i know! i hope that from now on looks up for the both of us but till then i just hope you know ill always be here and i know i can trust you also!

love from sophie-rose

About Tuswine Eggs

This egg was given out for Creature Release Week in January of 2015.

A faint scent of bacon emanates from this egg.

About the Tuswine Creature

The voraciously omnivorous Tuswine is a creature renowned for its nondiscriminatory palate. It eats a vast variety of food that includes berries, roots, fruit, insects, eggs, rodents (along with other small creatures), and even garbage.

Given the average size of a fully matured Tuswine, along with its aggressive temperament, this species very rarely needs to deal with being preyed upon in the Northern Plains. It has been witnessed, however, that feline predators such the Abet and Alkub may sometimes try their luck in taking down an ill or otherwise incapacitated Tuswine.

Tuswine domestication, whilst possible, is an incredibly tedious and dangerous process that many Arkians wish not to indulge in.