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26 Jan 2015
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Hosts my Item collection~
Bought him from the CSP to celebrate my birthday
Very first egg I ever bought from the CSP (Ty CC vouchers XP)


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NTS: Cornivorse, Cantik, Feggle, Goolime, Ibridi, Rivet

2x: Ashazar, Beweg, Butterslof, Canic, Chocob, Cloverli, Dabbit, Danaus, Duckbeak, Eyleymo, Kepatio, Onabi, Psyfera, Spoto, Tawny, Vattone, Wicculin, Zinzall

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Raffle Plans?

Ice - quarina, gideh, taigrin, chikob
4 travels - ice crystal curtains (CC), frozen trees, icy caves

Ribbon - Koleda, bessy, kettu, knurrock
4 travels - ice tree with bow (CC), festive ribbon

Evergreen - greentop, earthona, runton egg, cobranch
4 travels - the green light (r100), green leaves with droplets, icy grass

About Sharken Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for January 2015.

The tips of the quills on Sharken eggs sting with colossal pain and cause isolated paralysis for a number of days. Don't handle Sharken eggs without the appropriate gear.

About the Sharken Creature

Unlike their egg form, the quills of hatched Sharkens are not dangerous. The tips of the quills, however, can still penetrate moderately hard surfaces with enough force (like your skin — so be careful).

Sharkens are very adventurous creatures that enjoy collecting things, particularly random organic objects they might find in the forest by The Volcano. Friends of Bunthoff, Sharkens also dig impressive networks of interconnected tunnels that are subject to The Volcano's mercy.

Sharkens and Bunthoff enjoy each other's friendship and camaraderie. Sharkens benefit greatly from existing Bunthoff tunnels and frequently use them. However, Bunthoff do not benefit as much from Sharken tunnels because Sharkens (by matter of instinct and not prejudice) dig their tunnels a bit smaller in diameter because they are simply smaller creatures. Surprisingly, this has never agitated the two species relationship.