Ichi the Hinonia

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9 Apr 2015
3 Aug 2015
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Ainda que haja noite no coração, vale a pena sorrir para que haja estrelas na escuridão (Although there is night in the heart, it is worth smiling so that there are stars in the darkness)

Thanks @/anthesia (the old anthesia) for this awesome gift (25/03/2017)
Frozen on 19/04/2017
Renamed Ichi (one in japanese) because it was the first gift I received on eggcave, is one of my favorite creatures, and also my BF nickname (sister-in-law)

Never up for trade.

This creature belongs to @sandara

Itens used:

Giant Cornucopia
Green Cosmic Slime
Blue Avian Drink
Cracked Egg
Rainbow Deviled Egg
Rainbow Gummie
Suspicious Blended Octkin Smoothie
Bread Slice
Original Robot Chips
Two Bread Slices
Tasty Seafood On A Stick
Golden Boxed Egg
Caramel Covered Strawberry
Ranch Dressing
Pink Valentines Picnic Basket
Plate of Catfish
Fruit Kebab
Moldy Sub
Lumisage Lollipop
Sea Salt
Maned Wolf Chilli In White Bowl
Suspicious Blended Kernell Smoothie
Italian Sub
Bacon Sub
Fairy Bread
Festive Broccoli Tree
Vegetarian Sub
Cake Pops
White Monster Cheese
Toasty Turkey With Orange Scarf
Vinaigrette Dressing
Large Strawberry Santa
Small Strawberry Santa With Chocolate Dip
Turkey Bacon
Fish Burger
Yellowtail Sashimi
Golden Potato Wedges
Bacon Flavored Crackers
Dark Chocolate Spider
Soutenue Hamburger
Tangerine Gummy Fish
Grape Mocktail
Grilled Cheese and Tomato Sandwich
Suspicious Purple Flypop
Seasonal Ham
Roasted Lamb with Lemons
Egg Cupcakes
Axol Hot Chips
Spinach and Cheese Sub
Plate of Rotten Walleye
Rayun Lollipop
Maze Maize
Spilled Popcorn
Green Willowisp Candy Dispenser
Blue Willowisp Candy Dispenser
Pink Willowisp Candy Dispenser
Yellow Willowisp Candy Dispenser
Purpleberry Kittynk Slime Capsule
Yellow Jelly Pot
Red Tentapop
Chicken Noodle Soup
Blue Plate Of Spilled Spaghetti
Roasted Potatoes In Tree Pattern Bowl
Strawberry Mocktail
Fried Crab Wontons
Pumpkin Lamb Fall Stew
White Plate of Deviled Eggs
Eel Roll
Peppermint Cream Slice
Lots Of Cranberries
Pot of Gold Mint Ice Cream Sandwich
Red Valentines Picnic Basket
Pot of Gold Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich
Cherry Gummy Fish
Roasted Lamb with Potatoes
Fudge Covered Strawberry
Soutenue Lollipop
Aquolt Seaweed Crackers
Slime Sushi
Black Sails Pirate Ship Banana Split
Black Skull & Crossbones Pirate Ship Banana Split
Glazed Turkey
Lime Gummy Burger
Squid Sashimi
Rainbow Dragold Gummy Tail
Plain Watermelon Salad
Carrot Sticks
Turkey Sandwich
Orange Kittynk Slime Capsule
Orange Bowl of Nyankh Potato Balls
Raspberry Gummy Burger
Cucumber Sandwich
Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Tomato Sandwich
Caterpillar Roll
Honeydew Slices
Oven Fried Fish Nuggets
Decorated Cauliflower Tree
Cool Jelly
Red Dragold Gummy Tail
Kitties Strawberry Yogurt
Happy White Carrot Kazoo
Dragon Roll
Cheese Cheeseberry
Yellow Cosmic Slime
Veggie Pizza Slice
Regular Gummy Burger
Mild Sauce
Spaghetti Marinara
Extra Spicy Hot Sauce
Grass Sandwich
Red Pot of Pirate Stew
Amazingly Juicy Pineapple
White Chocolate Spider
Rayun Jello
Kitties Vanilla Yogurt
Shamrock Coin Skewers
Veggie Sandwich
Giant Roll
Mild Spicy Chicken Bites
Vanilla Drizzled Edible Snowball
Blue Cosmic Slime
Red Avian Drink
Blueberry Gummy Fish
Red Harvest Basket
Bowl of Tikki Masala Curry
Grape Krusdot Gummy
Orange Watermelon Salad
Green Broccoli
Macaroni and Cheese
Crispy Onion Rings
Assorted Red Hieroglyph Candy Rocks
Chicken Kebab Stick
Brown Ribbon Chocolate Bouquet
Edible Pink Painted Egg
Large Dinosaur Eggs
Bucket Of Nuts
Spaghetti And Eyeballs
Grilled Ham Cheese Star Sandwich
Medium Dinosaur Eggs
Tiny Dinosaur Eggs
Orange Dragon Meat
Blue Kampos Oyster
Blue Plate of Deviled Eggs
White Pot Of Vegetable Harvest Stew
Gansokoro Jello
Rusted Bucket Of Nuts
Gray Spilled Spaghetti
Ribbon Dark Chocolate Pop
Black Pot Of Chocolate Coins
White Pot Of Chocolate Coins
Savory Gingerbread Man
Christmas Ham With Apple Glaze
Christmas Ham With Cranberry Glaze
Christmas Ham With Orange Glaze
Christmas Ham With Pineapple Glaze
Egg Drop Soup

Glacier's Edge
Glowing Mushroom Fields
The Moontops
Offshore Island
South Central Ark Forest
The Volcano
Star of Bethlehem
Pink Clouds of Southwestern Ark
Autumn Skies
Haunted Woods
Kinump Patch
Pile of Leaves
Airledawn Mountain
Triangulum Galaxy NGC598
Andromeda Galaxy NGC224
Centaurus A (NGC5128)
Cigar Galaxy M82
Bootes Dwarf Galaxy
Willman 1
Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy
Rock Path
Washnu Bay
Blue Forest
Green Leaves With Droplets
Swarm of Jellyfish
Aurora Borealis
Magical Stone Table
Giant Thunderstorm
Bear Cave
Ajani Asteroid
Sunset Over The Plains
Icy Lake
Northern Moonset
Regal Fireworks Display
Frozen Lake Under The Blue Sky
Winter Moonlight
Lucky Dart Game
Elder Tree
Lavender Lake
Dangerous Purple Potions
Red Rock Cove
Massive Tube Wave
Leprechaun Castle
Night Camping
Weapons Armory
Haunted Swamp
Easter Chapel
Red Bush With Eggs
Egg Flower Fields
Forest Waterfall
The Red Well
Wheat Fields
Purple Bubbles
Ark Survival Raft
Ark Park
Butterflies In A Rainbow
Naharia Rope Bridge
Naharia Forest
Naharia Plants
Archives Entry
Bunthoff Burrow
Ark River Rapids
Glowing Flower Field
Northern Jungles
Broken Robot
Zoo Fence
Red Moon
Halloween Fairground Ferris Wheel
Ghost Forest
Maize Maze
Fiery Planet
Curio Store
Purple Mountain Path
Family Room Christmas Tree
Ancient Signpost
Pink Valentine's Day Design
You and Me Text Banner
Hedge Maze
Golden Stepping Stones
Painting of Ark City
Magathon Beach
Yellow Rolling Hills
Scorching Magma Pool
Ghosts in the Graveyard
Purple Pinwheel Flowers
Cranium Segestre Constellation
Ducere Constellation
Lyra Constellation
Perspicuus Constellation
Draco Fortunatus Constellation
Colubra Constellation
Draco Aurarius Constellation
Calidus Constellation
Unicornis Constellation
Sphaera Volucris Constellation
Rana Constellation
Abominabilis Constellation
Libellula Constellation
Draco Glacialis Constellation
Vigilia Constellation
Osseus Constellation
Tarsus Constellation
Mantis Constellation
Vulpes Constellation
Ursa Lumen Constellation
Inamabilis Sciurus Constellation
Carnivorae Flos Constellation
Pleumon Constellation
It's Raining Candy
Autumn Sunscape
Autumn Walkway
Scary Autumn Forest
Fiery Red Leaves
Buddy the Snowman
Christmas Sky Lights
Chocotravaganza Chocolate Box
Giant Four Leaf Clovers
Bunny Ear Basket
Easter Egg Hunt
Underwater Glowing Fish
Water Horizon
Sunset From Underwater
Burning Oaks
Over The Bridge
Palm Grove
Pine Forest at Dawn
Red Fairy Forest
Orange Tree Grove
Roswell Office
Excavated Mine Wall
Cracked Mine Wall
Mine Treasure Room
Cherry Sunset
Where The Flames Grow
Big City Rain
Post-apocalyptic Underground City
IT Department's Worst Nightmare
Feather Circle
Dark Purple Glitter
Fish Sprites in the Forest
Spirit Grass
Purple Spirit Glow
Haunted Covered Bridge
Scarecrow In The Moonlight
Where The Moon Sleeps
Drops of Maple
Orange Leaf Meadows
Adventures In Ark (Video Game)
Western Waterfall
Acorn Splash
Thank You (Thanksgiving 2016)
Reindeer Sighting
Snowberry Trees
Christmas Wreath (2016)
It's A Party
Splatter Mess
The Corner
Pure Sorrow
Depressing Poem
Forgotten Lace Boat
Green and Gold
Marigolds and Clovers
Rainbow Moon
Field Of Flowers
Neon Blooms Of Wildflowers
Garden Arch With Rainbow
Magical Rainbow Sunset
Prismic Explosion
Rainbow Mystical Mountains
Clothes In The Closet
The Dark Flock
Dimensional Portal
Interstellar Collision
Satellite Planets
Sparkling Moon
Rainbow Sunset
Twinkling Pumpkin Forest
Moon On The Move
The Orange Leafy Path
Orange Sunbeams
Winter 2017
Perched Cardinals
Batty Day
Floral Pumpkin
Ghoul Masks
Autumn Breath
Rainbow Birch Trees
The Leaves Change
Redcap House
Dragon Wings
Dragold Gold
The Magic Snowflake
Frosty Magic
Ice Trees
The Frozen Tundra
Cat Cozy
The Ferris Wheel
Candlelight With Grapes
2019 Cake
Alien Spores
Jungle Town Rooftop
Haappy Loving Sheep
Planetary Crash
Yarn Basket
Red Chicken Coop
Purple Fire Bugs
Lost In The Red Fields
Garden Path With Glowing Plants
Golden Party Hall
Strawberry Shortcake
Icy Abyss
Garden Of Lillies
Tulips In The Sunshine
Garden Of Marigolds
Luck Balls
Dark Spiritual Balls
Prism Clover
Romantic Dinner
A Million Fireflies
Honey and Pumpkins
Squares of Love
Summer To Autumn
Incoming Mysterious Asteroid
Lily Pond
New Years Ball Drop
Kitten Yarn Everywhere
Radiant Amethyst
Eastern Highlands
Cute Ark Farm
Steaming To The Stars
Feasting Table
Ark City Town Street
Antediluvian Suncrest
Sunny Rain
Snowy Cliff
Colorful Hill
Creature Snow Globe
Menorah Tree
Heart Paint Splat
Red Leaf Glow
Golden Dragon
The Star Tree
Happy 2020
Cherry Blossoms
Chocolate Strawberry
Rainbow Road To The Gold
Lost Hat on a Rainbow
The Green Light
Rainbow Gateway
Among The Flowers
Multiborder Clover
Springtime Wreath
Morning Flowers
Gold Sparkles
Neon Fish
Red Poppies
Stylized Sky
Relic's Cave
Cave Spikes
Wall of Sandrodons
Puppy Paw Love
Hearted-Shaped Greenery
Human Size Giant Chocolates
Maggot Meat
Purple Crystal Mine
Creature Gift
Sunset Sands
Purple Hue
Scary Bats
Chocolate River
Frozen Under Lake

Huggable Blue Bunny
Obarn Flying Disc
Copper Laser Pointer
Wooden Alphabet Blocks
Biwo Pup Plushie
Frosty Lil Devil Toy
Red Rubber Honk
Squinton Bobblehead
Robark Wind Up Toy (Red Wing Edition)
Gold Imp Holding A Daisy
Blue Scarrow Plushie
Sparkling Diamond Remote Control Brios
Black Haunted Dollhouse
Purple Peppermint Snake
Red Mechanical Love Robot
Mysterious Asteroid Yo-Yo
Black Skull Deggo
Loving Pink Doctor Bag
Bushay Surprise Egg
Robark Laser Pointer
Sparkling Blue Drakomo Plushie
Sparkling Corlinn Plushie
Roo Plushie
Green Alkub Plushie
Silver Laser Pointer
Green 8th Party Hat
Blue Alkub Plushie
Red Tasma Plushie
Red Alkub Plushie
Prototype Rubber Honk
Red Bouncy Ball
Sparkling Staga Plushie
White Tulip Toy
Sparkling Scarrow Plushie
Blue War Bird
Enigmatic Totem Bird
Roo Flying Disc
Sparkling Blue Tasma Plushie
Star Bouncy Ball
Sparkling Blue Alkub Plushie
Cloud Sticker
Whoon Sticker
Sparkling Aosidhe Plushie
Blue Ami Plushie
Sparkling Ami Plushie
Sparkling Mystic Plushie
Red Berr Plushie
Pink Furrep Keychain
Second-generation Purple Ami Plushie
Pale Pink Furrep Keychain
Pareteorsite Plushie
Pareteorsite Queen Plushie
Storticai Plushie
Tenalp Plushie
Yewefoh Plushie
Sentregg Plushie
Apex Plushie
Brios Plushie
Cathy Plushie
Ophiledia Plushie
Mysterious Asteroid Plushie
Space Rock Slingshot
Exterrock Shovel
Yewefoh Keychain
Sentregg Keychain
Ophiledia Keychain
Yewefoh Balloon
Gemstone Excavation Kit
Cathy Bobblehead
Green Seren Bath Toy
Pareteorsite Water Blaster
Generic Alien Plushie
Remote Control UFO
Blue Magmish Lava Lamp
Nulli Bobblehead
Green Haunted Dollhouse
Female Demon Voodoo Doll
Haunted Mefisto Teddy Bear
Pot O' Gold Teddy Bear


Astreavens (Vol 2) gifted by @ashlinnhi


About Hinonia Eggs

Hinonia eggs are covered in fluffy fur. This fur contains tiny capillaries that help radiate excess heat away from the egg. At night adult Hinonias will sleep surrounding the communal nest and thus incubate the eggs during the cold desert nights.

About the Hinonia Creature

The markings that cover a Hinonia's body are not all natural. Each Hinonia is born with a few small markings, usually around the face or paws. Parents of a newly hatched Hinonia will paint the rest of the markings on its body with their tails using a natural plant dye. These markings will constantly change as the Hinonia grows. Each mark designates an important event, achievement, or even loss that has occurred in the Hinonia's lifetime.

The markings themselves are distinct between the different Hinonia tribes. A mark for which tribe a Hinonia comes from can be found on either the forehead or upper chest. Despite the differences there is enough commonality between the markings that Hinonia from separate tribes can discern at least part of the meanings of each others markings. To those who did not grow up in a Hinonia tribe these markings have little or no meaning. Being told the meaning of even one of a Hinonia's markings is considered a great honor and show of trust.