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15 Sep 2015
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About Gerat Eggs

Gerat eggs are magnetized and attract rocks to form a layer around the egg for protection. This magnetization occurs with the iron located within the rock material.

If Gerat eggs aren't located around enough iron-filled rock, the soft egg inside will wither and crumble.

About the Gerat Creature

Gerats are a peculiar breed of gorilla. Their blueish, light-filled eyes are somewhat unsettling and ghostlike, giving them the appearance of being able to connect with your mind and read your thoughts. But despite that eerie aura, they do not possess any such abilities according to the Science and Research Center in Ark City.

Gerats, like their egg forms, continue to magnetize their surroundings to create a protective layer. Nobody knows what an actual Gerat looks like underneath the rock; if the rocks containing a Gerat are ever removed, the creature vanishes instantaneously in a flash of light. For this reason, many Arkians believe that Gerats are actually spirits of the island with no physical form.