Ahtabi the Aska

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19 Sep 2015
14 May 2017
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NFT Name is NFT as well, I have a sentimental attachment to it

About Aska Eggs

You're sure there is an egg here somewhere...you just need to find it in all this fog...

About the Aska Creature

Askas are famous for their affect on the weather. A single, full grown Aska can manipulate the skies for up to ten miles away, depending on his or her emotions. A content Aska will ensure clear skies with occasional rain while upset Askas will cause storms of frightening strength. Their roars are often mistaken for thunder. Best to keep yourself on their good side or they might just rain on your parade.

Discovered by ancient Arkians, Askas were worshiped as gods and given gifts in hopes of good weather that would lead to a plentiful crop harvest. Unfortunately, eggs were never found and Askas were never tamed, so as people started to modernize, Askas were forgotten and dismissed as legend. They were rediscovered recently when the Science and Research Center in Ark City investigated a "haunted" wetland of Ark and found an Aska nest! It has been confirmed that healthy eggs emit excessive amounts of fog, so if you can properly see your Aska egg, you might want to take it to a hospital as soon as possible.