Hydrokinetic the Whoon

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11 Nov 2015
29 Oct 2017
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Hydrokinetic: Of or pertaining to the kinetic energy of moving fluids.

Originally named "-Whooon". No matter what her name is, she will still be a memorial to Whooon, the cute li'l Whoon I received as a gift at one point. She unfortunately died at one point due to real life related inactivity (and since I can't revive her, it must have happened quite a long time ago).

About Whoon Eggs

Whoon eggs are some of the most peculiar eggs in Ark. For some odd reason, these eggs are self-incubating and generate a stream of running water over the outer shell of the egg. Perhaps it is trying to replicate an aquatic environment?

About the Whoon Creature

Whoon are the most glorious creature found in the sea. Whoon are the largest, strongest, and toughest sea creature known to man; this is why they're referred to as the "Masters of the Seas." Swarms of sharks (namely, Krah) have attempted to take down an unstoppable Whoon but have all failed miserably. Perhaps the biggest contributer to their success in the sea is because they travel in packs and look out for the youngest Whoon to ensure its survival. Ironically, when Whoon surface and use their blowhole, it makes a small, puny sound that causes any person laugh or giggle quietly inside.