Festive_Beast the Krampus

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1 Dec 2015
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Travel: Solid Tundra
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About Krampus Eggs

There is a tradition among Ark residents to leave bread and milk outside their homes at night during December to bribe the Krampuses to stay away. Homes that do not do this may wake up to find an unwelcome guest in their homes, Krampus eggs.

About the Krampus Creature

From the moment of hatching Krampuses are always causing trouble. The mischief caused starts out small while the Krampus is young and grows as the Krampus becomes older and more cunning. Many stories say that this mischief is to punish the family for not honoring the Krampuses with food and drink. Once a Krampus reaches maturity it will leave the home it was left in and join the larger Krampus community that lives deep within the Coldworld.