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13 Feb 2010
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Brawls: Plural of "brawl" (free-for-all / uncontrolled fight).
Still my bragging rights despite being worth "nothing" now. I got her for free in the cave and she somehow survived my hiatuses all the way through to when immortals became a thing. She has a crappy name because little kid me assumed every good name was taken in 2010. NO, NO THEY WEREN'T.
Apparently the "4th of her own kind" but don't quote me on that because this is something @warriorqueen66 told me years ago.

About Tine Eggs

This egg was only given out on February 13 and 15 of 2010. It reappeared for its 10 year anniversary for the Chocotravaganza Exchange in 2020.

About the Tine Creature

Tine are a magical love creature that make Valentine's Day in Ark very exciting and unpredictable. If the slightest amount of fur from their heart-shaped tails rub up against you (which is virtually impossible to avoid if you have one), you'll instantly fall in love. The bad part is you do not have control who you fall in love with. Thankfully, their magical power only works on February 13 and 14 and wears off as soon as the clock hits midnight.