Vittalily the Vitta

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8 Jan 2016
21 Jul 2018
11 Oct 2019
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About Vitta Eggs

This egg seems to be encased in snow and ice.

Vitta eggs must be kept at a cold temperature in order to hatch properly. In order to handle one of these eggs, you must be wearing gloves.

About the Vitta Creature

Vittas continue their life in cold temperatures because they need the cold in order to survive. They are very social creatures and are normally found in groups. Vittas are also very defensive creatures. Once they bond to their owner, they will do everything they can to defend them. But they are very lovable, even though they tend to stay colder than normal creatures. While these birds are small and light, they have very long life spans. Befriending a Vitta will ensure you have a companion and a protector for life.