Pungena the Pinkunk

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9 Mar 2016
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Our sense of smell is a funny thing. To us Arkians, the cute little Pinkunk is an unsavory aroma experience. But fairly enough, we people and other animals of Ark simply reek to the Pinkunk. I know this to be true as the minute Peeyew evolved from egg form her little face cringed, she held her breathe and skittered outside to our large red maple tree. There she has decided to live and we all find this quite agreeable. She looks very attractive scampering amidst the deep maroon leaves. Peace, contentment and easy breathing continue to reign at ma_nature's compound.

About Pinkunk Eggs

This egg has a foul odor! How can you stand it?!

About the Pinkunk Creature

Pinkunk are quite the stinky creatures! No matter how much soap you use, you simply can't get the smell to go away. Their odor and distinct smell becomes more potent when they are nervous or sense danger. It's best to keep these creatures happy, unless you want to stink.