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About Lem Eggs

The fur on Lem eggs are warm and soft to touch, but beware of the sharp blades near the bottom! The blades blend in very well with grass, so be sure to take caution if you see a small ball of fur in the grass!

About the Lem Creature

Lem are actually flightless creatures. Their wings are extremely heavy and are not properly shaped to allow the Lem to fly. Instead, Lem use their wings as a tool for hunting. While their claws are relatively sharp, their wings can cut through anything their claws can't.

It has been observed that a Lem can actually grow back lost wings, and as a result, Arkians have actually forcefully removed Lem wings and sold them due to their usefulness and beauty. While this activity has been strictly outlawed, as it harms the creature, some hunters still try to get their hands on a wing, as they sell for enough money to feed a family for a decade.

Despite their scary-looking appearance, Lem are often very friendly towards people and other creatures so long as they aren't hungry. Lem have been known to attack the first thing in sight when hungry, so make sure you keep your Lem well-fed!