bullyboy the Frice

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28 Apr 2016
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B-boy is our muscle critter. When something heavy needs moving he is right there to "git her done". It is said 'an elephant never forgets', well let me tell you brother, neither does a Frice. One day, not long after hatching, bully was out in the backyard just relaxing and smelling the fragrant flowers at our large yard ponds edge. Buzzsaw, CeCe, and Lacy were rough housing and chasing one another, well don't you know in all the ruckus Frice wound up IN the yard pond. Needless to say he was a bit shaken by this, but being so young and new to the crew, he just dried off and let it slide....we thought. Later on after some time passed and muscles developed and such, well, three rowdy pets found themselves finding out what swimming in the yard pond felt like. No one messes with B-boy.

About Frice Eggs

Frice eggs are composed of beautiful brown rock and also generate brilliant sapphire crystals. If any of the crystals are removed from the egg, the creature will never hatch.

About the Frice Creature

Frice have remarkably similar genes to that of the ancient dinosaurs of Ark and it is assumed they are direct descendants.

Frice are very strong creatures, due to their shell of brown rock. Frice are very assertive creatures that are protective of their territory and fellow species. When threatened, a Frice will charge with impressive aim, accuracy, and speed. If you do happen to "escape" the raging charge of a Frice, expect to be found again, as Frice have sharp memories that can recall the enemies of their past (they'll charge again!).

Frice are vegetarians.