Tousels the Teckarck

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27 May 2016
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My little baby!
She was an egg abandoned at the Adoption Centre, and I took her intending to use her as a junk egg but I got attached to her and her sweet little face.
She is not for trade forever.
11/10/16 2nd Stage

Po's Creature Rescue
Po's Creature Rescue (PCR for short) was established on October 31st 2016. This rescue is here to adopt any and absolutely every unwanted or 'junk' egg there is. PCR loves and cares for them like any other creature. The identity of the original owner of these creatures remains anonymous!

As soon as PCR has a creature it is up for adoption, except for 1627Texkarck, or as she is now known, Tousels.

PCR currently holds 9 creatures!

About Teckarck Eggs

Teckarck eggs are extremely difficult to spot because, well, they look exactly like a giant leaf in the jungle.

About the Teckarck Creature

Teckarcks are the alpha rat of the western jungles of Ark, off the coast of the Ark River. Sometimes they can be found as far northwest as Leila but oftentimes they just stay in the jungle.

Teckarcks absorb most of their nutrients and life energy from the moisture found in plants on the jungle floor. Unfortunately, this is a one-way transaction whereby the plants are completely depleted of their moisture and thus die. The Teckarck population, for this reason, is very strictly controlled by the government in Ark City to protect the western jungle.

Teckarcks are technically classified as a pest.