Shep the Lycire

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1 Jul 2016
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Essence of Litsdnats
(Stage Frozen)
Name: Shep
Stage: 1st - Frozen
Travel: SoB

Shep was a dog who's owner died. The owner's body was taken away by a train and the dog waited at the train station for around 5 years. He tragically slipped on ice, when a train was coming, at his old frail age. There is a statue there now of him.

About Lycire Eggs

Lycire eggs can only incubate when engulfed in flame. When not surrounded by flame the eggs go dormant, waiting to be bathed in flame again. Parent Lycires have no problem keeping their eggs engulfed in flame due to their fiery tails. For non-Lycires wishing to hatch a Lycire egg it is recommended to keep it in a fireplace or outdoor fire-ring.

About the Lycire Creature

Young Lycires spend their days playing and learning how to use their fire-manipulation powers. This means they are constantly covered in ash and cooling embers. This does not hurt them but does make them rather messy and the embers can hurt non-Lycires that they come into contact with. Once a Lycire gains mastery over flame their tail will become wreathed in an undying flame. This is not only a symbol of their mastery but also acts as source of flame for defensive purposes.