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How Normal People and Warrior Fans view the world.

Normal People - See a stick with strange markings on it and ignore it, thinking an ant or termite did it.
Warriors Fans - See a stick with strange markings on it and know it's Jayfeather's.
Normal People - Say "OMG"
Warriors Fans - Say "OMSC" (Oh my StarClan)
Normal People - Go to a psychiatrist to tell them their feelings.
Warriors Fans - Know Rock is watching them.
Normal People - Say "Shut up or I'll tell on you!"
Warriors Fans - Say "Shut up or Tigerstar will get you!"
Normal People - Say "Dang it!"
Warriors Fans - Say "Fox dung/hare dung!"
Normal People - Call others idiots or morons.
Warriors Fans - Call people flea-bags, mouse-brains, flea-brains, and fox-hearts.
Normal People - Think black cats are bad luck.
Warriors Fans - Think black cats are from ShadowClan.
Normal People - If are being chased, yell "Help me somebody!"
Warriors Fans - If are being chased, yell, "Spottedleaf, show me the way!"
Normal People - Completely ignore this.
Warriors Fans - Copy this on their profile just like I did.

About Capyre Eggs

To find a Capyre egg is to find misfortune. Many of whom are exposed to one of these eggs, however brief it may be, are typically left emotionally exhausted for hours on end. Continuous, prolonged exposure will magnify one's innermost fears to the point of developing a temporary state of paranoia.

Arkians of strong faith reportedly do not undergo these afflictions.

About the Capyre Creature

During periods of tragedy on Ark, legends tell that a Capyre can be always found observing in the distance. If confronted by a herd of Dongelics and/or any paraphernalia related to Summoner-based religions, Capyre will hastily retreat back to The Fiery Shadows in fear.