Lamure the Honk

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5 Jul 2016
25 Jun 2017
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a gift from my fairy novmother and esteemed honk collector @novrain62!
originally named a minor variation of blackberry ❤️

my seventh hatchling 😸 reached 150 feeds around 8:00 pm on July 25th with much boxed coffee cake(thanks rain!) but didn't evolve until 2:58 am on July 26th. what a fine and finicky feathered friend 😋

evolved into a beautiful swan at 4:53 pm on Sunday October 2nd with some bakery treats 😃 best day ever 😊

made it to the leaderboards for unique items used on august 31st!!!
Lamure is always collecting rubber honks and green apple rolls 😸
also looking for some specific items to finish up her collection:

~general food store~

~the bakery~
Chocolate Drizzled Candied Pumpkin
Cream Cheese Drizzled Candied Pumpkin

~leila library~
Heart Valentines Card
Pantheart Valentines Card
Tine Valentines Card

~trinket travels~
Mishquen Stage 4
Pixiee Stage 3
Daisypus Stage 4

~bean sack~
Cup of Thanksgiving Coffee
Cup of Very Bitter Coffee
Red 8th Birthday Mug
Sack of Sparkling Cave Beans
Sparkling Coffeemaker
Sunset Energy Drink

~toy shop~
Green Pahoehoe Plushie
Red Pahoehoe Plushie
Sparkling Pahoehoe Plushie
Yellow Pahoehoe Plushie

~finley's flavours~
Amethyst Ice Cream
Caramel Tornado Ice Cream
Chocolate Lovador Ice Cream
Fall Vanilla Orange Ice Cream Bowl
Mint Chocolate Chip Snow Globe Ice Cream
Mint Christmas Ice Cream
Mint Lovador Ice Cream
Pipared Chocolate Frozen Pop
Pipared Vanilla Frozen Pop
Pixelated Lemon Ice Cream Pop
Pixelated Vanilla Ice Cream Pop
Raspberry Drizzled Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream
Ruby Ice Cream
Strawberry Christmas Ice Cream

and any retired backgrounds and sandrodon items 😸 please let me know if you happen to be selling any of these things i'm happy to overpay 😃
another extremely heartfelt thank you to @novrain62 for finding so many things for my wee goose! this list used to be ginormous and she gifted me almost everything! and thank you to the darling @fainne_24 for inspiring her favourite niece with all the treats and gifts and especially hard to find wishlist items! ❤️ and a special thank you for june fifteenth's xmas in summer 2017 😸 another big thanks to @thedarkarcher and @megamisama90 for all the wonderful gifts!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

About Honk Eggs

This egg, by far, contains the most mysterious surprise.

About the Honk Creature

Honk are a unique kind of species in that they are the only type of duck which will NOT run away from a human. Honks, naturally, enjoying making their distinct "honk" noise; after several minutes of listening to a flock of Honk honking, it can get rather annoying. However, a Honk is a friend for life and enjoys flying across the beaches of Ark. If you ever need to deliver a message to a friend on the other side of the island, a Honk may be your best bet.