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About Amma Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for March 2013.

Unusually, Amma eggs appear to draw attention to themselves instead of blending in. Adorned upon the shell are tassels and other decorative items that bring glamour to it. Amma parents are very protective of their children, which compensates for the lack of camouflage.

About the Amma Creature

The Amma is a very vain creature. It loves to have its fur ornamented in various ways, everything from simple braids to elaborate jewels and dyes. Young Ammas love to show off and groups of them will get together to display their beautiful coats. Afterwards the Ammas will return home with new ideas on how to decorate their fur. Keeping a young Amma in fashion can be a tiring thing. However, more mature Ammas are more set in their style. They seldom change their coats and when they do it's usually very minor.