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12 Dec 2016
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A fiercely loyal helper that helps deliver gifts on Christmas Day~

*Story of how he became a helper!* (His name was Paws back then.)
It was a normal winter day, I was hanging out at the North Pole as always, when Santa walked up to me! He asked if I wanted to be a helper, to help him deliver the gifts. Well, I said yes, of course. Who wouldn’t want to? There was still a week until Christmas Eve, so I had plenty of time to prepare. I couldn’t wait! I went to sleep on the white blankets of snow, with the thought in mind that I’d have to stay up all night. But I didn’t care. On Christmas Eve, I was finally ready. I had spent the whole week practicing! Although I was worried that I would mess up, I believed in myself. I had to make that Christmas perfect. That night, my doubts about myself rose. I was really scared I would mess up now. And if I did, I would ruin the Christmas that I was supposed to make perfect! Santa came up to me. “Are you ready, Paws?” He asked me. “I guess…” I replied. “What’s wrong?” Santa asked. “I’m… scared I’ll… mess up…” I said to him. My voice started to crack, I then broke into tears. “Paws, look. As long as you try your best, it will be perfect.” Santa told me. “O-ok…” I said. And with that, I was ready. I climbed into the sled, and we flew off. After that, Santa said I did amazing. I thought I did good too. Then, after a few years of doing this, Santa decided to give me a new name! “Paws, thank you for delivering my gifts with me for this long. I’ve decided, that you’re now SantaPaws, an official helper of the workshop!” He told me. I was shocked. “Yay!” I shouted. I started crying tears of joy. It was the happiest day of my life. I did it! I became a official helper! I actually accomplished my dream!

He’s now working for Santa in the workshop, crafting and delivering gifts each year. If you ever receive a gift on Christmas, keep in mind that it may be from the Meriton who worked hard to accomplish his dreams and make everyone have an amazing Christmas!

- @moonstruck10 -> @littlepaw -> (futurely) @boba

About Meriton Eggs

Meritons can only successfully evolve in the month of December. They can't at any other time of the year.

About the Meriton Creature

Meritons are the ultimate hunting foxes. To camouflage themselves during the winter months (with snow on the ground), they attach themselves to the similarly-colored bark from nearby trees. After its prey is within sight, they release from the tree and quickly execute their plan.

Meritons are most active in the winter months, despite the need for the same amount of food throughout all of the year. There must be something about the colder weather that makes them fiercer.