Corsol the Erduri

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23 Jan 2017
14 Feb 2019
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About Erduri Eggs

Erduri eggs are always found partially buried in the ground. Digging up an Erduri egg will quickly lead to its death, so it is best to leave one undisturbed if found.

About the Erduri Creature

Erduri posses the ability to shift all types of rock and earth. This ability, combined with their powerful, scooping wings, allows them to “swim” through the ground with ease. The plants that grow on an Erduri's back will spread to repopulate the bare earth left in its wake as it moves.

A lush trail of plant life always follows the movements of Erduri, although many of them prefer to live relatively stationary lives half-buried in the earth for days on end. Erduri will cultivate beautiful groves or gardens around their preferred resting place and it is from them that the ancient druids of Naharia Forest learned their craft.