Asunari the Battyrus

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24 Mar 2017
3 May 2017
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【A S U N A R I】

i think i found my wings in the river yesterday.

they’re gray, and cracked like glass.

i don’t think i can fly with them.

I traded a spoto for her and others so NFT

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About Battyrus Eggs

This creature is endangered.

The colors of this egg shimmers like gold.

About the Battyrus Creature

Battyrus (pronounced bah-TY-rus) are a unique species of bat. They can only function when it is light out. If there is no light, Battyrus have to hibernate immediately. Otherwise, they'll die. It's as if they draw their source of energy from the sun. Battyrus enjoy being alone and hunting large amounts of insects in the jungles of Ark.