Michias the Mishqen

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About Mishqen Eggs

Mishqen (pronounced MISH-ken) eggs are often confused for a very elaborate and ornate flower arrangement. Be careful not to pick one up in a park, marriage ceremony, or funeral as they may be incubating at that exact moment (and they do not like being moved).

Mishqen eggs require a lot of sunshine to hatch; sunshine exponentially increases their hatch time. Some Arkians, when springs are cloudy, use sunshine lamps to accelerate their growth. The more sunshine, whether real or artificial, the faster it will hatch!

About the Mishqen Creature

In order to witness the beautiful exquisiteness of Mishqens, one will have to travel outside of the bustling hub of Ark City toward the farmlands to find one. Mishqens like to roam free in big, open spaces and are very adventurous. They do not like enclosed spaces, loud noises, or crowds of people (thus not existing in Ark City's urban farms!).

Mishqens are known for producing a rare type of flower that is not naturally occurring on Ark: the Mishqen Crown. It's exactly that: a crown that you can wear of rare flowers that emit a pleasant perfume. Some Arkians seek to wear Mishqen Crowns on their wedding day. Normally farmers do not allow the removal of a Mishqen Crown for human purposes, as it is thought to shorten the Mishqen's lifespan, but some farmers can be bought with large sums of money by Ark City's elite and wealthy upper class.