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Things That Get On My Nerves
- People being rude.
- People begging constantly. Blatantly or wording it that sounds like not begging but they are.
- People slandering someone's name when it isn't sure. If it is true well then it's just the truth ^^
- People who are hypocrites.
Ex. 1) Person A tells person B they are a horrible person and trading a gift is the worst thing someone could do on here. Then that person A traded an even RARER 'gift' [they were more just free here ya go than gift gifts] that they got from the same person C that person B got it from.
Ex. 2) Person A telling people that some other person is a scammer when person A is a scammer. Axol for a Eurog. Sound fair at all. No, not even close to fair.
Ex. 3) Saying they are the victim when really they are the abuser.
- People who give someone something as a gift. Then say can I have it back. I will give it right back, I just want to write something in it's profile. Then they do not give it back and the person that was gifted it and then it taken away from them thought they [meaning themself not the person who took it] were a terrible person.
- Just in general taking something back that you gave away for free. It's mean. You gave it to someone and didn't say you wanted it back to begin with. I get if you said they could just babysit it for awhile but if not then just rude.
- If you do not give back a critter someone gave you to just babysit.
- If you constantly rip people off.

About Eartha Eggs

Fitted upon every Eartha egg is a decorative mask complete with purple plumes. Rather than being harmed in circumstances where its mask is removed, the egg will undergo suspended animation and refuse to hatch until the mask is properly replaced. Curiously, the feathers are genetically unrelated to the Eartha and do not belong to any known species of creature on Ark.

About the Eartha Creature

Acutely sensitive to the environment, an Eartha's own well-being is directly correlated to the health of their surroundings. A population living in areas subject to deforestation, regardless of severity, are more likely to succumb to disease than a population residing in lush, undisturbed forests.

Eartha are reluctant to produce their own offspring. To compensate, they adopt and raise the orphaned young of other species. The biological children that Eartha do manage to produce, known as kits, arrive in broods of three or fewer. Eartha kits instantly embrace their adopted siblings without a second thought.

Ancient literature recovered from the ruins of long-gone civilizations show that Eartha were once widely subject to worship as the incarnation of nature itself.