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20 Jul 2017
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About Wregeon Eggs

The feathers on Wregeon eggs have a yielding, smooth texture but are as hard as steel. Handle with care because the edges of these feathers can cut through almost any material.

Hidden beneath a tuft of feathers is an imprint on the shell that reads "© Arkitech Incorporated".

About the Wregeon Creature

In an effort to address waste and pollution in Faela City, a self-sufficient robot modeled in the likeness of the domestic pigeon was created by Arkitech Incorporated. This artificial species, branded as the Wregeon, is programmed to remove any garbage from public spaces by consuming it.

When a Wregeon's stomach reaches maximum capacity, the creature utilizes a built-in global positioning system to locate the nearest designated drop-off point to relieve itself of the contents. The collected trash is then processed by Faela City's state-of-the-art waste treatment facilities.