The_Hydra the Hydra

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20 Jul 2017
18 Oct 2021
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14 Nov 21 Thank you so much @quinn / nitromegamer ! ! ! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
And to @sulvas for trading me the Bunthoff to trade for him! ❤️

Beware the Hydra. They start out looking all cute and innocent. Before you know it, you're dealing with 100 angry heads.
(@fruitbat lovingly refers to my internet tabs as "The Hydra." I can thwart five, and next thing I know 20 more are up.)

This guy is so cute and lovable... how could you deny that precious face?!

For Posterity:
Name: Zbayhydra the Hydra
Lv 5 male, hatched (I've been watching him for months though. He was still an egg then.)
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(wow... I've been on the site for months and only heard of one of these people.)

Name Change and Freeze w/in the hour of getting him.

About Hydra Eggs

This egg was created in celebration of 500 species at Egg Cave.

About the Hydra Creature

Nobody knows how this species is able to do this... but, as it evolves, it is able to morph into other forms and mimic other species' characteristics.

The baby stage of this creature is a Yazan, with two heads sticking out of its side. The teen stage of this creature is a Mo intertwined with a Diablos. Legend has it that these two creatures keep each other in balance and are in a perpetual battle with one another.

Finally, the adult form is a combined creature that mimics the Moxel, Nym, and Adarna.