Miuku the Wisoki

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About Wisoki Eggs

Wisoki eggs glow softly with a pale flickering light. As the egg nears hatching the light will begin to turn a variety of colors.

About the Wisoki Creature

Wisokis are a type of trickster spirit, whose primary delight is tricking an unwary traveler into getting hopelessly lost. Even though all Wisokis have the ability to create will-o-wisp lights many take pride in using more mundane methods of luring travelers off a safe path. Wisokis mainly live in Ark's wetland and swamp areas making these areas even more treacherous to travel through, however there are rumors that Wisokis have begun to be spotted in other areas of Ark. This news has caused the various governments of Ark to release official documents on how to avoid Wisokis and stay safe while traveling across Ark.