Bagwyn the Pakaceros

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23 Jan 2019
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Name: An imaginary creature resembling an antelope but with the tail of a horse and horns grown over the ears.


This creature belongs to @sandara

About Pakaceros Eggs

The Pakaceros egg has a very dense, wooly carpet-like texture. It is rarely preyed upon by other creatures due to its thick fur and stupendous camouflaging capabilities. The horn is one of the only ways to distinguish a Pakaceros egg from its surroundings. It is nearly impossible to penetrate a Pakaceros egg using outside forces, as just like the egg of a Keras, Pakaceros egg shells can reach to two inches in thickness.

About the Pakaceros Creature

Pakaceros are quite the stubborn creature. Freshly-hatched Pakaceros lack an intimidating horn and are quite dependent on their family unit. However, Pakaceros grow up rather fast and rapidly develop their facial horn's size and a surge of pride. Adolescent Pakaceros like to passionately duel with their friends, as it is a pastime among most Pakaceros to train and develop their fighting skills. Groups of Pakaceros contain around five family units and are very fierce, often challenging other tribes and constantly fighting to expand their territory.

When you see a Pakaceros, you should know three things: There are more to come, they won't back down without a fight, and if you are unprepared, start writing a will.