Selenu the Seleni

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8 Sep 2017
23 Dec 2017
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About Seleni Eggs

Seleni eggs pose a challenge to look after due to the fact that whoever touches it barehanded will instantly fall asleep. In the past, Seleni eggs were widely used by Arkians as a natural treatment for insomnia.

About the Seleni Creature

Claimed to be the materialization of dreams in Arkian folklore, Selenis are very unique creatures. Their bodies are composed of two separate elements: an ornamented crescent moon and a small sphere of pure energy that constantly emits shiny particles - the “core”. Their moon isn’t just for show though - they use it to gather energy from the moonlight, and use that energy to keep themselves alive, hence why they should always stay in open environments at night. If a Seleni is kept ten days without bathing in the moonlight, its core will slowly run out of energy, resulting in its eventual death.

Even though they are cheerful and energetic creatures that love to play with others, Selenis are often seen alone as staying too close to their shiny particles will result in deep slumber. It is said that if you see a Seleni flying around during the night, you will sleep like a baby for a whole week.