Hizu the Lyralopex

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23 Sep 2017
20 Jul 2019
23 Apr 2021
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~WELCOME to Hizu’s profile! ~

I paid my SOUL for this precious bean legit… worth it tho

A little bit about me:
Likes: Food, owner, friends and exploring
Dislikes: Hungriness, exploding stuff and sadness
Friends: Cherry, Dreamcatcher, Morissa, Fuzzyi and BunnieBun
Enemies: None~
Favorite Location: The Oasis
Favorite Food: Pizza (like, a lot. if you don’t give him Pizza he will cry, if you make him cry I will find you and kill you. not actually tho-)
Starred: Yes! ^^
Frozen: Yes! OuO
Bakery Role: Ingredient Collector
Stats If Unfrozen: Stage 4 (500 Clicks)
Status: NEVER EVER EVER UP FOR TRADE, NO MATTER WHAT. I spent way too much for this bb to ever trade him, sorry. :<

Thanks for reading! >w<

❤️ Hizu: The Definition of Love and Overwhelming Adorableness ❤️
4/23/2021: The bean has become immortal! >;3
5/5/2021: Hizu’s not leaving this cove. Nope. He’s staying here till the end of time! >;3
5/6/2021: Welp, the oven broke, and the bean started crying. So we took @gemini_1261’s life savings and threw them into a new oven for Hizu! >;3
5/13/2021: Hizu has made friends with Prisme! It’s great to see the 2 derpy beans getting along so well! They both stole some food together! >;3
6/19/2021: Hizu has found his way into a oven! >;3
6/24/2021: Hizu has made it to his correct Trinket Travel after a long journey through time and space! >;3

https://ibb.co/vJ5JMsj by @cheetahlove68! I love it

░▒█░░▒█ ♡♥︎ ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

About Lyralopex Eggs

Lyralopex eggs are incredibly warm and soft, almost like a plush toy. Arkians just can't help but hug these eggs, especially in the freezing winter! Hugging the egg actually is recommended however; the more attention and love that it gets, the quicker the egg will hatch.

About the Lyralopex Creature

Studied extensively during an arctic expedition, the Lyralopex ("Lyra's Fox", named after the lead researcher's daughter) is a fox-like creature that boasts gorgeous white fur with crimson accents.

What appears to be tribal markings are, in reality, naturally occurring patterns that inspired and later became the basis for an archaic writing system. Within this language, the circular pattern on the creature's left shoulder represents the idea of family and unity. Fitting, too, as this species is renowned for having deep, emotional bonds to family.

Always tirelessly bounding in either snow or blankets, young Lyralopexes are a welcome sight to see during the cold winter months. These cheerful, fluffy kits love to be hugged and are always enthusiastic as they play about the world around them. This enthusiasm and happiness is infectious; People can't help but smile when there is a Lyralopex around.