Hauta the Sepulcros

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About Sepulcros Eggs

What appears to be a gothic decoration is actually an egg belonging to the Sepulcros species. As if living stone is not enough to imply the supernatural, the paranormal properties of this egg is further showcased by an endlessly dripping wax candle. Snuffing out the flame will, in turn, snuff out the unhatched creature's life.

About the Sepulcros Creature

The Sepulcros is the unsung guardian of cemeteries, tirelessly protecting them against vandalism, grave robbers, and antagonistic spirits. The composition of its stone body is identical to what comprises the tombstones of its respective graveyard, lending credence to the theory that the creature is birthed from the displaced spirits of disturbed burial plots.

The enticing, ghostly flames trailing down the creature's backside is believed to help guide any restless souls towards an eternal peaceful slumber. A fresh rosebud will sprout upon its tail for each time a soul has been successfully laid to rest.