Can_I_Enter the Maser

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8 Nov 2017
11 Dec 2019
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Sincerely, how are you today?
Some say that sadness is just a day
You just need to react and it will be cured
But, do not be deceived
It takes a lot of bravery to ask for a hand
it takes strength to stand
When someone says that they have a problem
They hear that they have, actually, a nonproblem
That's why I build walls in my heart
Not for people to depart
But for the ones who need shelter
"Can I enter?"

About Maser Eggs

This egg is known to hide itself from those who seek it by blending in with its surroundings.

About the Maser Creature

The Maser uses its mask for multiple purposes. The Maser is capable of mimicking other creatures' noises, so it can pass itself off as something much more dangerous. Or if the Maser is found by a predator, they can quickly hide and make noises of a less desirable creature, causing their predators to pass them by. The trick is remaining unseen.

Outside of their unique defense capabilities, Masers are vegetarian creatures that are accepting of those around them.