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Mood Matrix: This is from Ace Attorney, and it's a program installed on Athena's device around her neck, named Widget. This allows her to see what emotions the witness is feeling in reaction to what they're saying, along with how intense the emotions are.

About Batteron Eggs

I wonder how these Christmas lights stay lit... without being plugged in.

About the Batteron Creature

Batterons are essentially batteries themselves. This is how they power the Christmas lights that they grow themselves. Batterons, sometimes, stop producing electricity during their sleep cycle, especially if they are extremely exhausted.

Batterons emit a special kind of wireless electricity. Sometimes electronic devices can even charge from being in close proximity to a Batteron. Phone running low on battery? Find a Batteron and hold it!

Sometimes Arkians jokingly say that reindeer and Christmas magic don't power Santa's sleigh... Batterons do.