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About Cihikob Eggs

Often mistaken for gems, Cihikob eggs are generally found in groups, buried beneath many layers of rocks and minerals. Due to their location, they are only found after days of mining and digging by the most persistent of miners. These eggs absorb the crystals of surrounding jewels, creating a layer of fragile blue minerals around the white shell which the adult Cihikobs treasure.

About the Cihikob Creature

As Cihikobs hatch, they remain with the group they were found with. Cihikobs are very pack-oriented creatures and are almost never seen alone. The crystals on Cihikob eggs are absorbed into the creature's skin as they grow, becoming a large part of their appearance. The shinier a Cihikob's crystal is, the higher status they have in their pack.

Because of a need to protect their sacred crystals, Cihikobs are generally peaceful and calm creatures, not wishing to put themselves at risk. However, Cihikobs are extremely protective of their young and will sometimes attack if their eggs or newly-hatched are threatened.

With nurturing and care, a Cihikob can successfully grow into their crystals. A Cihikob that has reached full maturity often sports one telltale sign: a thick, heart-shaped mane of crystals.