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22 Mar 2019
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About Cloveater Eggs

Scattered across this egg are four-leaf clovers that use fur as a substrate in lieu of soil. The roots take hold by entangling themselves around the hair follicles, siphoning nutrients from the dirt and grime that accumulates on the fur over time.

About the Cloveater Creature

Cloveaters, so-called for their diet which consists almost entirely of clovers, are solitary creatures that live in Ark's grasslands. Most of their time is spent sifting through vast clover fields using their prehensile tongue, delicately plucking four-leaf clovers from the ground and transplanting them into their fur. The reasoning behind this behavior remains unknown, but it could be viewed as a ritual of sorts to bring good fortune.

Any clovers found to be lacking four leaves are readily devoured by Cloveaters.