HypnoticHissa the Marnire

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17 Apr 2018
25 Mar 2021
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About Marnire Eggs

This creature was only available on St. Patrick's Day 2018 in the Cash Shop Park.

A bright green and yellow egg with soft clover green spikes surrounding the middle. These eggs are vibrant and the scales will shed off the egg every so often so owners will keep the Marnire on an easy to clean mat.

About the Marnire Creature

The Marnire is a close relative to the Nathare, still sharing the same environment and a similar food source but the Marnire will additionally hunt fish, giving them the pale, bluer color. The bright green scales are commonly mistaken as clover leaves, which lead to the belief that the Marnire was able to photosynthesize.

Marnire will house their den in green clovers and green treasures that they find while searching for food. Anyone who stumbles across a den must not take anything as the Marnire take a lot of time and care in creating their dens.