Absofusion the Macaw

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28 Apr 2018
2 Sep 2018
12 Nov 2018
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Absofusion: The method used to fuse Kyurem with Reshiram / Zekrom. (Acquired in an auction, and was originally named "macaw0428".)

I actually only bid on this for laughs and somehow never got sniped, despite me bidding about two hours before it was supposed to end. Well, uhh... thanks, I guess.

About Macaw Eggs

This creature is endangered.

Macaw eggs must be kept very warm to hatch.

About the Macaw Creature

The Macaw is a unique creature; the first-stage Macaw is very gullible, almost to the point of being dumb. Don't let first-stage Macaw out of your sight! During the first-stage, their brains are very underdeveloped. As their brains continue to develop, certain genes for skin designs and patterns turn on, metamorphosing into a rather beautiful creature. Nonetheless, even a fully matured Macaw still occasionally crashes into large, visible trees.