Coreoliz the Coreoli

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27 Jun 2018
13 Oct 2022
4 Nov 2022
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About Coreoli Eggs

A smooth, reflective egg with a hard horn on the top of the egg. It is rumored that the horn can move and make clicking noises but it has never been documented.

About the Coreoli Creature

To survive in the cold, the Coreoli will never stay still except in its larval stage and as it ages, it develops a dance-like movement where it will lift itself onto its hind legs to reduce the amount of heat lost from touching the ice. Each Coreoli will have a dance unique to itself. The wings on the Coreoli is often mistaken as crystals due to how reflective they are but it is actually a fine layer of chitin. Despite having wings, the Coreoli cannot fly and when it tries to it can only manage to hover for a few seconds before landing.

As an adult, the Coreoli can click its horn together to produce a sound to scare away most predators. The highest recorded Coreoli clang was 100 decibels when it is in danger but the usual range is between 50 to 80 decibels.