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Chat Rules:

1. Only Dork Korner members can invite other users. If someone outside of that wants to add someone they'll need to ask first. In general, we all need to ask before adding people.

2. No spamming. It's annoying and other members receive notifs from it.

3. No sensitive topics/words should be said or discussed.

4. Do not intentionally do/say something that may offend or upset another member.

5. Do not add side accounts to the chat. There's no use for them there.

6. If a user has left the conversation, for any reason, do not add them back. They'll need to ask before joining again.

[MSC (Maximum Strike Count): 10]

- Failure to comply to the rules will result in a ban from the chat. -

Chat Code:

1. To avoid out-of-context posts, copy the post that you're responding to and type under it, or, tag/@ the user of who you're responding to.

2. /Commands| Feel free to type, "Ded Chat," whenever the chat has gone inactive for a certain period of time.

Dork Korner Members (See wall for list of members) aren't always online. If something goes wrong, report it. Don't report spam unless it's continuous even when you've asked the user to stop. A strike will be added onto @Dokirune's wall beside the name of the user who's done it.
Dork Korner Members don't have to follow the "Spam rule." Whoever's doing the action will be asked to stop. There's nothing that can really be done in offense to the action. After all they were there since the start.
Feel free to leave the chat whenever you'd like. You will not be added back into the conversation unless you've asked.

Extra: You must give @Distorted their head pats or feel their wrath.

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About Zinhir Eggs

Zinhir eggs are laid by their mothers in the walls of the interior of The Volcano at the center of the island. The Volcano incubates them to hatching. The Science and Research Center in Ark City believes that high concentrations of sulfuric gasses, poisonous to Arkians, are required for Zinhir eggs to hatch. Humans, unless fully outfitted and insulated to properly travel to the innards of The Volcano, can do little to positively effect Zinhir egg laying or placement.

Despite the creature's ability to withstand extremely hot temperatures, one slip on the wall (when attempting to lay the egg) could cost them their life. They cannot survive in lava even though elementally they are thought to come from lava itself.

About the Zinhir Creature

The flames that Zinhirs carry (rumored to be actual flames of The Volcano itself) are hugely representative of their actual personality and temperament: they are very hotheaded individuals with quick reaction times. They frequently fight with each other and respond quickly to all stimuli in their environments. They rarely reflect to become better or kinder creatures. The Science and Research Center in Ark City has estimated that approximately 27% of the total Zirhir population could be classified as "mad." Mad Zinhirs, essentially, will attack violently and without reason. They should be avoided.

Scientists have tried to pinpoint why Zinhirs are so intense as a species. They have theorized that Zinhirs are in a constant battle with themselves, tormented by the chains that bind them. Zinhirs are constantly trying to break their chains; they appear bothered by them despite the chains being with them from birth. Currently, ethical lab experiments are being conducted that attempt to break a Zinhir's chains. So far, there is no word of the results or if it has been successful.